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How do I install Avatour on Oculus for Business headsets?

Avatour may be distributed as an Oculus for Business (OfB) application. Here's how to set it up.


Note:  Meta/Facebook/Oculus has deprecated the Oculus for Business service. We will continue to provide compatible APKs for the service as long as feasible; however, as the Meta APIs and system software continue to be updated, we expect to eventually be unable to maintain backwards compatibility.

If you are looking for an alternative to Oculus for Business, we recommend checking out ArborXR.

Adding AVATOUR to your App Library

Device Manager is the official method for administering applications on Oculus for Business (OfB) headsets.  Device Manager allows you to remotely install, uninstall, and update applications all without physically accessing the headsets. To deploy AVATOUR on enterprise-grade hardware bundles purchased through the OfB program, please follow the instructions below.

  • To add a new app to your library, in the top right of Device Manager, click on the blue Add App button.
  • Enter ‘AVATOUR’ as the app name, to identify the app in the Device Manager
  • URI specifies the server address when the app is hosted. The AVATOUR app is hosted at this URL – https://avatour.live/downloads/ofb/Avatour.apk.
  • You can test this URI by visiting the address in your browser. A valid URI will trigger the browser to automatically download your app binary. Please confirm that your headsets can also connect to this URI with their configured WIFI network.


Add AVATOUR to your App Library

Deploying AVATOUR to your device fleet

Once you have added the app to your library, you will see the option to deploy the application from the Enable App on Devices menu. Here, you can choose to enable your application on all of your devices or a specific group of headsets.

In-headset screenshot of AVATOUR on an Oculus for Business headset