What devices and web browsers can join an Avatour session as a guest?

Guests can join a session using most modern computers and mobile devices. See below for specifics.

Joining an Avatour session from a laptop, desktop, or mobile device is as easy as following a link from your session invitation. However, there are some limitations in browser support, and some technical requirements for best performance.

NOTE (4/25/2021): The 2.0 release of Avatour now supports full functionality on iOS Safari.

Supported Browsers

Windows 10/11: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge

Mac OSX: Apple Safari (version 11 and up), Google Chrome.

Android: Google Chrome only.

Apple iOS: Safari and Google Chrome.

Minimum Device Specifications

We recommend devices that are capable of hardware accelerated 4k video decode and playback.

PC / Laptop : For a 4K quality experience, you'll need a seventh generation Intel Kaby Lake processor or later. Basically, if your machine is dated before 2017, you may see performance issues, including excessive delay or lag. Alternatively, an Nvidia 10-series graphics card can handle 4K decode instead. 

Phone / Tablet : Android devices enabled with Snapdragon 800 series processors. If you are using a device that is based on Exynos or Kirin chipset, check product sheets to see if it supports 4k decode in hardware.

iPhone: iPhone X and above have support for 4k@30 playback.

iPad:  iPad (6th generation / March 27, 2018) and above
           iPad Pro (3rd generation / October 30, 2018) and above
           iPad mini (5th generation / March 18, 2019) and above
           iPad Air (3rd generation / March 18, 2019) and above

Device Performance Validation

Below are some procedures you can follow to validate that your device will perform well with an Avatour session. (These are useful primarily for Desktop machines running Chrome.)

  1. Check if your browser can use hardware decoding. To check if your Chrome / Chromium browser uses hardware acceleration, open a new tab, type: "chrome://gpu" (without the quotes) and look under "Graphics Feature status" - all (or at least most of) the features should say "hardware accelerated." (See image below.)
  2. Validate 4K resolution support. Scroll down the page to check if the max resolution supported by the graphics chipset. If the chipset supports 4096x2048 or higher number pixels decode, you should be fine.
  3. Check Task Manager to see if there any CPU intensive processes running in the background. Kill those applications before joining AVATOUR. Anti virus scans, excel sheet calculations, or other browser tabs that might be playing video.
  4. Exit any other conferencing applications that might be using your microphone. If you use a desktop client to join Zoom or Teams, that can gain exclusive access to your microphone. If you need to be on two conferencing applications at the same time, try to join Zoom or Teams from the same browser used to join AVATOUR. Chrome allows sharing the microphone between browser tabs.
  5. Validate bandwidth. You need reliable downlink bandwidth in order to have a good AVATOUR experience. Check your wifi bandwidth using a speedtest utility (for eg: https://www.speedtest.net/) to ensure you have 10+ Mbps download speeds.